Surveillance cameras are extremely useful in protecting your home or office. They will allay your fears of the unknown, reconstruct events should something terrible happen, and help you decide which course of action to take in times of misfortune. They should be chosen with care. It is possible that your choice of surveillance cameras might one day help save your life.

CCTV can be used to identify traffic jams and record car accidents. It can also monitor traffic. CCTV is particularly beneficial in hit and run accidents where a driver must be recognized. CCTV cameras are also advantageous for public security, because they keep a close eye on large crowded locations, such as the train station, airport, subway, etc., that are too large to observe by police on foot.

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With a manned guarding system in place, you can be assured that whether or not you have a CCTV system on site, the human touch can maximize the effective functionality of any equipment that you may choose to operate in your establishment. If you ensure you have a good manned guarding system in place you can be safe in the knowledge that your building will be protected twenty four hours a day.

Some IP cameras also come with a BNC/Analog output allowing you to connect the camera to your existing CCTV system. This would allow you to connect the IP camera to your DVR recording station and still have a network connection attached allowing for remote viewing and recording to a PC or offsite location. Be sure to verify the IP camera has the ability to send video to both the BNC/Analog output and through the network simultaneously.

Obviously an integrated CD burner is a fantastic option but can push the price up a tiny bit. That said, the home user doesnt tend to want to look back over months of video recording so the DVR on a 7 to 30 day loop suits most users perfectly.

Many of these security systems have features of sprinklers systems monitoring, help panic buttons, high water level detectors and detectors for deep freeze temperature deviations. They even include detectors for high temperature deviations, low or high temperature deviations, carbon monoxide level in the air, gas leak, glass breakage, heat, smoke and window contacts. Some systems even include detectors for sound, shock detectors, vibration detectors and most importantly motion detector.