Closed circuit television camera systems (extensively known as CCTV camera units) are globally utilized to transmit the signals of a video surveillance camera educated on a particular area to monitoring systems in another area. There are lots of advantages of getting CCTV cameras in your house, business or in public areas like airports, train stations, major highways and traffic intersections. Here's the top 5 advantages of CCTV cameras.

CCTV lacks a personal touch and is unable to use judgement in situations. A human is able to pick out which situations and events they fell are threatening of suspicious whereas a camera is unable to do this.

All three IP cameras can be easily connected to the local network and configured within the IP camera recording software to monitor and record each individual camera.

This means that when a Hard Drive in the DVR becomes jam-packed the system will simply loop and start recording over the oldest footage again. In effect this is a really popular option and the most convenient cheap home security setup.

The most important components of home security system are alarm systems. Home alarm systems are one of the costly security systems. Therefore, you should try to research about different products and their prices according to your specific requirements before buying. Many home security sensors are also available which are perfect for providing security to doors and windows.

Now a days, The spy camera and CCTV camera is installed in every offices and shops to stop the theft and burglary. In fact this is possible now days as you can find these cameras very common in many shops. Earlier, there were lots of restrictions in using the cameras outside as they were mainly used by security and defense forces to catch the thief and militants.

One of the up and coming features that will soon be available to new and existing ADT customers is what Honeywell calls Total Connect. Total Connect does exactly what its name states. It is a way for you to be anywhere in the world and be able to have complete access remotely to your home security system. Total Connect has also the ability to send you an email for any event you wish. If it is important to you to know everytime someone turns you alarm on or off, then that can be configured. If you just want to receive an email only when an actual burglar of fire alarm occurs then that can be your unique configuration. Total connect lets you intertact with your home security system from anywhere there is an internet connection. If you have a smart phone or a Blackberry phone you can log into your system and control every feature just as if you were right at home. You can also use a personal computer or an I Pad to log in and control everything.